How to be naughty with cougars?

When you’re in your 20’s or 30’s you may often find that girls and women your age are a bit straitlaced and not open or approachable. One of the ways to get around this is to head off to a naughty cougar dating site and beat it. Let’s take a look at how to make things work for you sexually.

A lot of people harbour the notion that they’re the average Joe who doesn’t stand a chance with hot, sexy and naughty cougars. But have you guys seen the amount of average guys who are not exceptional in any way, walk away with the goodies, time after time? There’s an art to get naughty and women love it, take it from me.

You can get a naughty date online with cougars. That is, if you sign up on a site that offers all the goodies, including unlimited access to profiles as well as chat rooms. There are many sex toys that your cougar can use to get herself stimulated. Do not forget to sweet talk her into it. Remember that the primary reason they signed up was to be able to talk and enjoy sex with their toy boys. Hence don’t you hang back, be approachable.

naughty dating with cougar

When you’re into naughty dating, a lot of rules get thrown out of the window. You can be uninhibited and pretty much take the lead to initiate proceedings. Talking is the best icebreaker. It happens to be one of the easiest ways to turn on a woman really fast. You have to have a sense of humour as well, because you need to keep her engaged in thought, waiting for the next words to come out from your mouth. In addition you also have to develop the habit of being a good listener. Women, especially cougars love a man who is thoughtful and attentive. You can talk to her in a sexual language but do not come on as too strong.

Another way to turn your naughty cougar on is to give her a deep and passionate kiss. Most women think that men are lousy kissers. If you can change that opinion, it will increase your chances of laying and slaying her. Don’t give up on this golden opportunity.

Eye contact is something that you need to work on as well. You should able to differentiate between a lingering glance and an outright stare. The first is a lover’s stare and the second comes across as psychotic and uncomfortable. Learn the difference between the two, it’s a fine line.

You can also tease the older woman by playing on small areas of her insecurities, it must be conveyed to her that you’re not out there to put her down or to make her feel bad. It shows that you’re a confident man who can stand on his own, it builds sexual tension.

A person who’s secure can express his own opinion, even if it is against the herd. He can easily contradict the woman’s opinion by negating her statements. This shows his ability and confidence around women, around whom most of the younger men would quiver.

A confident man does not need a woman’s approval to do things he wants to do. He can easily leave the cougar on a date and walk away. This creates a sense of detachment and curiosity in the naughty cougar, who finds it irresistible to refuse him the second time. Men on their part should desist from calling her at all times, and also keep away from texting. You’ll see her coming around in due time.